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Adventure Sports



Does a 9-5 job seem a boring idea to you? Do you feel sitting in front of the computer and working for 9 hours on the papers royally adds to the monotony of the daily life? Then you must be surely longing to go back to those child hood days of games, sports adventures, away from this monotonous world of work and activities. Well, ever thought of a career in Adventure? What about activities like trekking, rock climbing? If this is what you love to do then don’t just wait for holidays to enjoy your passion for adventures, get a career in it for yourself. A career filled with thrill, adventure and excitement is a dream career to many. Courses in adventure sports are becoming very popular amongst youngsters today. Some pursue them as a hobby, to get away from the hustle-bustle of the citylife, while there are quite a few who wish to make a lucrative career out of it. India being a country of great Geographical diversity, is an abode of snow-capped mountains, mighty rivers, thundering sea, the hot desert and the wonderful wild life, which further offers a unique combination of Adventure and Tourism. So trekking and skiing in the Himalayas, scuba diving in Lakhshwadweep, rock climbing in Aravali, white water rafting on the Ganga and paragliding in Himachal are on the palate of adventure sports in India. So, if you are geared up to enjoy that rush of adrenalin and the thrill of recklessness, a career in adventure sports is just apt for you!

Eligibility Criteria & courses offered

Physical fitness is the most important pre-requisite for adventure sports. For securing admission to various basic adventure sports courses, the applicant must be extremely fit and agile and must be mentally strong enough to cope with any situation. You need simply need to pack your fears off while you embark on a dashing adventure sport. Good communications skills and an expertise over different languages are always helpful.  Also one should be prepared to spend a lot of time away from home, in remote locations. Mountaineering is the most popular of adventure sports and a number of youngsters are leaving their jobs to make a career in mountaineering or trek in the snowy peaks in the Himalayas. For this purpose, the candidate should be between the ages of 16-40 years and for advanced courses, the candidate should have completed the basic course with ‘A’ grade. In order to do river-rafting, the candidate must not have fear of water. While sports such as mountaineering, river-rafting and rock climbing sound quite familiar, one of the latest additions to the adventure sports is paragliding. Courses on paragliding offer three levels, viz, beginner, novice and intermediate.

Career Prospects

In a geographically diverse country like India, with snow-capped Himalayas, fast flowing rivers, deep gorges, seas surrounding the sub-continent and many other not-so-often visited places, which offer bright prospects for those intending to take up the vocation of adventure sports. Many of the reputed Associations, Companies and Government bodies have been organising the National/International level events/competition/expedition of Adventure Sports continuously for the past 4-5 years. Ministry of Youth Affairs are also offering many of schemes & grants for the promotion of Adventure Sports.

In India the commercialisation of Adventure Sports is on the mount. Numerous companies are offering adventure services and manufacturing the adventure sports equipments. It is expected to play a major role in Indian economy like other industries, very soon.

The present scenario in the field of adventure sports, requires more Adventure instructors, event co-ordinators, and marketing/management professionals. If you wish to opt for Adventure sports as career, you need to initiate with a 5-7 days Adventure Course that gives you an exposure to adventure and then you may go for higher level courses such as Basic, Intermediate, Advance to Master of Instructions (MOI) Courses.


Adventure Sports in general are expensive hobbies. The course instructors of adventure sports at various institutes, clubs and societies are quite well paid, especially those at the government institutes. Once the field of adventure sports gets more and more consolidated and organized in India, it is expected to be one of the leading contributors to the country’s economy.


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